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  • Why are the T-REC muzzle brakes made from titanium?
    We use grade 5 titanium because it will not corrode and it weighs 40 percent less than steel, all while having the same strength. It also reduces vibration better than steel.
  • How big are the series 2 T-REC muzzle brakes?
    These muzzle brakes are 1.125" in diameter and increase barrel length by 2.5". Depending on caliber and muzzle diameter of the rifle they weigh between 5.5 oz. and 6.1 oz.
  • Are the T-REC muzzle brakes louder?
    Through our research, the T-REC muzzle brakes are no louder than an open muzzle at the shooter's position.
  • Will the T-REC muzzle brake affect accuracy?
    Point of impact may change slightly once the T-REC muzzle brake is installed. After being installed the gun should be sighted in. Accuracy should be increased with the T-REC muzzle brake installed due to less turbulance interferance with the bullet as it exits the muzzle, also having less recoil will make the shooter more accurate.
  • Will the T-REC muzzle brake affect muzzle velocity?
    Yes, muzzle velocity will be increased. Through our testing we've had a muzzle velocity increase of 30 fps on a 300 win mag and 11 fps increase on a 223/5.56.
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