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KDE Customs

Model 7 Rifle Actions 

KDE Customs model 7 actions are primarily made from grade 5 titanium, unless a customer request a different material. Our model 7 action has an integrated .250" thick recoil lug as well as an integrated picatinny rail, that has 25 moa of slope. The bottom of our action mimics a Remington 700 for ease of stock inletting. These actions can be used with a floor plate bottom metal or a detachable magazine. Side bolt stop is made from stainless steel. Our bolts are 4140 chrome moly steel with a black nitride coating. We use m-16 style extractor for a positive case extraction. Our firing pin assembly come from David Tubb for a non rotating firing pin and faster lock time.

Please have patience as we are working on our model 7 actions. We will post pictures as they come available. Check back soon.

KDE Customs, custom Defiance action build under way. This customer went with the Defiance action, Proof carbon barrel, Manners carbon fiber stock, T-REC Muzzle Brake, Timney trigger. This will be chambered in a 28 Nosler. 

KDE Customs

Custom Rifle Builds

Def build.JPG

Here is the out come of our 28 Nosler build. With our custom hand loaded ammunition pushing 168g bullets at 3279 fps. 

A 3 shot group using Berger VLD Hunting bullets at 105 yds measuring .165".

A 2 shot group using Nosler ABLR bullets at 105 yds measuring .040".


KDE Customs, custom 22-250  build for a customer using their Savage action. We took this Savage action and lapped the lugs and put it in an Hogue stock, chambered a Proof carbon barrel added our T-REC muzzle brake, installed a Rifle Basix trigger and a PTG detachable mag bottom metal.

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