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Josh 10 years old Shooting a 9 lbs

300 win. mag. with 180g bullets.

Below are reviews that our customers have sent us to post. Thanks to all our loyal customers. If you have a story or pictures you would like us to post here, please email them to us.

Thanks from

KDE Customs

Devynn Plunkett 11 yrs old hunting with a T-REC muzzle brake on a 243 win.

My granddaughter finally shot the 243. She loves it. Took her rabbit hunting. All she had was a 75 yard shot at its head with just a tall bipod.

Thanks for your Muzzle Break. It gave my granddaughter Devynn the Confidence to shoot the 243 with very little recoil. That was a must !  I never would have guessed that she would be as accurate as well. I'm very proud!
Thanks Again for the custom muzzle break.
Marc Plunkett
Wildlife Safari Art

I help my Granddaughters on her first javelina using that 243 with your custom muzzle break.

Mark Sutton 300 Weatherby Mag pushing a 200g bullet.

"Never thought there would be a muzzle brake out there that would make my 300 Weatherby kick less than my 22-250. Absolutely amazing break, we'll be getting another one for the wife shortly. Also recommend for anyone who wants to shoot more without the sore shoulder".

Kaylee Greenwell,

12 years old, takes her first Deer and Elk with a 270 win. equipped with a T-REC Muzzle Brake.

Two, first time, big game kills within a week of each other. At 210 yds and 253 yds, one and done shots. Is it because she's an excellent marksman....or because she no longer fears the gun thanks to the BADASS T-REC muzzle brake by KDE Customs!!

Hayle Greenwell,

Custom built 28 Nos.

First kill with my amazing custom built 28 Nosler by KDE Customs! Didn't even think the gun went off because there is no kick thanks to my superior muzzle brake by KDE too.

Brandon shooting a Ruger Precision 300 Win Mag with T-REC muzzle brake.

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