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T-REC Muzzle Brakes

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        The T-REC muzzle brake comes in calibers ranging from .224 to .308.  T-REC LB muzzle brakes covering calibers from .338 to .416 will be coming soon.  All T-REC muzzle brakes are made from 6AL4V, also known as grade 5 titanium.  With a custom crown on the muzzle end of the brake, it keeps any outside damage away from the bore.  T-REC muzzle brakes are very efficient in reducing felt recoil as well as muzzle rise.  It is reducing felt recoil by 70% on a .243 shooting an 80g bullet, 60% on a 7mm mag shooting a 180g bullet and 47% on a 9 lbs. 300 Win Mag shooting a 180g bullet.  Muzzle velocity increased by 30 fps on the 300 Win Mag using the T-REC muzzle brake and there was an 11 fps gain on a .223/5.56.  Having two ports, one out each side, it eliminates muzzle blast in your face and dust signature.  In our research and development we have produced a muzzle brake that does all of the above without increasing the Db levels at the shooter's position.

        T-REC muzzle brakes make shooting more enjoyable for everyone, but especially people that have had shoulder surgeries or other disabilities that make shooting difficult.  Women and children will benefit also because it greatly reduces the felt recoil, muzzle blast and muzzle rise.  With less recoil comes more confidence and concentration which makes for better shot placement and faster second shots, making you a better shooter.  Whether it is competition shooting, the hunt of a lifetime or just recreational shooting you can rest assure that with the T-REC muzzle brake your shot will hit its mark. 

        With the T-REC muzzle brake no shoulder set-back is needed on the rifle's muzzle because our muzzle brakes have an indexing nut.  The indexing nut must be tapered down to the diameter of the barrel's muzzle.  We will provide this service at no extra cost.  However, in order for us to taper the indexing nut we will need the diameter of your barrel's muzzle at the time of ordering.  You may also bring (or send) your gun to us and we will measure the muzzle.  If needed, we can provide the service of threading your barrel if it is not already threaded.  Most rifles are $50.00 for this service.  If you choose to have your local gunsmith provide these services you will receive a muzzle brake with an indexing nut that has not yet been tapered, that way you can have your local gunsmith or machine shop taper it to match the barrel's muzzle diameter.

       T-REC muzzle brakes are proudly designed and Made in America.  The owner and operators take pride in building the best muzzle brakes in the world.  We strive for excellence in craftsmanship, functionality, and design.  The T-REC muzzle brake has gone through many changes, and with every change the T-REC has gone through, its ability to reduce felt recoil has increased while decreasing muzzle rise.  We will continue to reach higher and always be striving to improve the T-REC muzzle brake.

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 KDE Custom Logos
Customize your T-REC muzzle brake with the images below. You can choose just one to be etched on the side of a muzzle brake or choose two, one for each side. Be sure to add how many logos you want to your cart by clicking on image below or from the store.
For a small price increase you can send us your custom logos, names, or slogans to be etched on the sides of your muzzle brake. (Please inquire through email)
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