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Series 2 T-REC Muzzle Brake:


The indexing nut needs to be tapered to the diameter of the barrel's muzzle.  Please provide us with this dimension if you need us to taper the indexing nut.  If your local Gunsmith will be installing the T-REC muzzle brake for you, he will complete this task. (See link on T-REC Muzzle Brake page for specs on threading barrle and tapering of indexing nut). Keep anti-seize on all threads.


Custom Logos:


Be sure to check out the KDE custom logos (in the store) that you can have etched on the sides of your muzzle brake.


Installation of Muzzle Brake:


All threads of these muzzle brakes should have anti-seize lubricant on them. This should be kept on the threads at all times. Make sure the firearm is safely unloaded (refer to owner's manual). Make sure indexing nut on the muzzle brake is threaded completely on the muzzle brake. Once the firearm is unloaded, and indexing nut is fully threaded on the muzzle brake, carefully thread muzzle brake onto muzzle of firearm. Once threaded on all the way, the muzzle brake should be against the shoulder of the barrel. Now to index the ports to the side. Turn the muzzle brake as if you were taking it off untill the KDE Customs logo is on the top. Now hold the muzzle brake from turning and tighten the indexing nut against the shoulder of the barrel. Now unthread the muzzle brake 1/16 of a turn, turn the indexing nut against the shoulder. Grasp the muzzle brake and indexing nut and tighten it. If done correctly, the KDE logo will be directly upward. Make sure it is tight. 

Series 2 T-REC Muzzle Brakes

  • We ship via UPS ground or Priority USPS.

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